CO2 Laser

The B1325M CO2 laser cutting machine is a versatile laser cutter that can not only cut non-metal material with CO2 laser tubes, but it can also process metal materials using O2. It is commonly used in the advertising industry. We can customize the processing width up to 1300 x 1900mm.

600℃heat treatment, 24hours cooling in the oven, 8meters gantry milling, accurate co2 protection welding, to make sure 20 years usage wiithout deformation.
Adopting United States improted sensor, precise auto-focus laser cutting head,can cut metal and non-metal meterials.
Optional 1390 Size

Processing Area : 1300mmX2500mm
Max.Cutting Speed : 25m/min
Max. accelerated Speed : 0.2G
X/Y Repeated Positioning Accuracy : ±0.1mm
Laser power : 100W-300W
Machine Running Temperature : 0℃-40℃
Machine dimension : 3470*1870*1200mm
Whole machine weight : 1100kg
Transmission : Imported Steel-strip Belt/ Imported ball screw