1. Controlled by the computer omni-directionally
2.The industrial display is durable and the word is bigger and clearer
3. With automatic memory function
4. Industrial silica gel keys, beautifully made, with double protection to be durable.
5. Multiple interface options: USB, U disk, Ethernet port, WiFi (optional)
6. With strong machine case to load heavy material
7. With 168MHz high-speed running CPU
8. High-precision cutting, ensure 2mm letters cutting
9. Cutting offline with USB flash
10. Diverse software options: Signmaster/flexi/art cut/Coreldraw/AI
11. With repeat function:0-500 times

• AAS automatic contour cutting plotter
• huge pressure cutting plotter
• ARMS optical sensor sticker cutter
• The Newest ARMS System

Media way : Floor Stand
Main board : 32-bit ARM7 CPU 168MHz,128Mb High-speed CACHE memory
Control panel : 9 industrial silicone buttons+128*64 industrial screen
Driver : High speed, big power step motor, micro-step driver
Maximum paper feed : width 1410mm
Maximum cutting width : 1300mm
Maximum cutting speed : 900mm/s
Cutting force : 0-1000g(digital adjustment)
Mechanical precision : 0.025mm
Repeatable precision : < ±0.025mm
Type of plotter pen : All type diameter 11.4mm plotter pen
Plotter instruction Compatible : DM/PL,HP/GL
Interface : USB/U disk/Ethernet Port/WiFi(Optional)
Power supply : AC220V/110V,50Hz
Power consumption : < 80W
Knife : (Blade) Imported blade hardness blade
Operating environment : Temperature:5-35℃,Relative Humidity:30%~70%
Package size : 1715*324*380mm
Gross weight : 42kg

1.Bluetooth or WiFi wireless transfer
2.Basket/ Floor stand