1.Cut thick plate
2.Lower price
3.With THC
HN series is a high-speed, precision CNC plasma cutting machine or laser class. Using integrated modular structure, making installation quick and easy. Smoking can increase with the table, in order to meet environmental requirements. The machine is particularly suitable for medium thick, thin non-ferrous metal sheet, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel plate of high-speed cutting.

Working area : 1500*3000mm
Plasma power : Hyperthrm 45A-200A
Control system : Strfire control system
THC : HYD or Start
Motor: Panasonic or Yaskawa
Driver : Panasonic or Yaskawa
Software : Fastcam
Cutting thickness : 0-35mm
Cutting speed : 0-15000mm/min

Used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobiles, grain machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision parts, ships,