· Movable table that can be adjusted up and down is available for various sizes of materials
· Welding using CCD ensures maximum welding position and maximum operator safety
· The special focus lens of F = 200mm induces optimal beam output
· Up to 2.5mm stainless steel and galvanized material can be welded to make large signboards
· Clean finish material using handle welder maximizes product quality
· Compact design and operator-oriented design

Monitor : The monitors offer a magnified view of the detailed welds for even more professional work.
LED ring light : Ring-type lighting is installed to check the welding part more precisely.
Height Adjustment : The lifting table supports the height adjustment of the rotation for precise focusing during welding.
Operation Button : Since you have to hold the two products with both hands, you can easily control them with a foot switch.
Grounding : You can weld the product to the pin on the ground first for simple welding.
Table welding : Put the product to be welded over the pin on the table, check it with the monitor, and press the switch on the foot to weld.
Gun type welding : Edge or details cannot be welded to the table ground, so the gun type welder can be used for perfect finish.

Weight : 200kg
Maximum Size : W: 3,000mm(118″) x D: 1,000mm(39.37″) x H: 1,440mm(56.69″)
Working Table : W: 700mm(27.55″) x D: 1,100mm(43.30″) x H: 15mm(.59″)
Power Requirements : 380V±2% 50Hz / 60Hz 3 phases 30A
Cooling System : Cooling Water circulation method of chiler
Welding Material : 0.1~2.5mm Metal materials(Stainless and Galvanized steel)
Average Output : ≤300W or ≤500W

Clean finish material using handle welder maximizes product quality