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.The best small power laser cutting bed in China, the world has delivered 500 sets in stable operation.

    .60*90 cm
    130*160 cm
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1.The "upgrade version" machine integrates various auxiliary machine power supplies on the fuselage, unified control,all handles and door locks are ergonomically designed, and the huge auxiliary machine reserve box design on the back of the machine makes the customer's on-site auxiliary machine placement more reasonable, fully meet the 6S management requirements;
2.Equipped with YM Laser self-developed Smart Carve software and controller, adopts high-speed Interpolation movement algorithm to achieve high-speed and stable performance;
3.Support Ethernet(10/100M) and USB2.0 transmission;
4.Support dynamic display which will show process path and coordinate point, real-time work track display;
5.Support work time preview and interruptible engraving recovery after power-off;
6.Support laser spot compensation (inward contraction and outward extension), the laser cutting Path optimization can be done on software.
7.Modular design can be equipped with different functions which make smaller size and less shipping cost.

Version : Upgraded version
Laser power : 60-180W (As approprite)
Laser head : Single
Power Supply : AC220-240V,50/60 Hz
Working speed : 0~30m/min
Working environment : Clean, less dust
Temp:5~40℃, Humidity:5~80%

Model Working area Weight Overalldimension
CMH0604-B-A 600*400mm 260kg 1900mm*1060mm*1100mm
CMH1008-B-A 1000*800mm 340kg 2020mm*1580mm*1100mm
CMH1206-B-A 1200*600mm 340kg 1970mm*1380mm*1100mm
CMH1309-B-A 1300*900mm 380kg 1900mm*1700mm*1100mm
CMH1610-B-A 1600*1000mm 410kg 2220mm*1780mm*1100mm
CMH1612-B-A 1600*1200mm 510kg 2220mm*2230mm*1100mm

Nonmetallic material like wood, paper , epoxy resin, acrylic, plastic, rubber and bamboo , etc.